Friday, October 31, 2008

6 Years Of Love..

It's another Korean movie that I just finished watching... Here's some of the quotes I found from this movie...

"What would happen if we got back together..
They do say broken bones bind stronger..
Could we be stronger?
We'll probably lie, fight and hurt each other, again..
Then get sick of it and go our separate ways..
Forgetting how much we missed each other..
Forgetting how much we regretted it..."

This is like the proverb.. The ground gets harder after the rain..
Perhaps.. Being separated for a while is the best choice.. As shown in the movie "The Breakup".. Although they weren't back together again, they showed improvements in their life one way or another..

Talking bout improvements.. Or should I say "changes" (it can be good or bad..).. I always look back at wonder about myself.. Have I really changed over the past few years? Well.. Maybe I'm not as cheerful as I used to be.. However, at least I can say that I've grown more matured lately.. I used to hate everything, rebellious against my family (maybe I still am a bit.. but not as much as before..) and always look upon the negative side.. Heh..

Anyway.. That's all the time I have for now.. See you again bloggers.. I'll try to keep my blog updated as soon as possible..

Thursday, October 30, 2008

RA3 Malaysia Launch Event

Yes, RA3 has officially been launched in Malaysia

The event was held in Leo's Cafe.. SS2/75 PJ

Wow.. Razer Sidewinder X6.. I wish I have one of these.. Portable numpad >_<

Demo PCs.. Argghh.. I wanna play :(

LOTS of ppl in queue..

So many freebies to give away..

Not to forget.. the Grand Prize worth RM5000!!

Don't move.. Balance the glass...

Can you win against this guy?

Almost !! Arggghh.. Both turned red already..

One of my friends won a 2x1GB XRS RAM by Corsair

"And the winner's IC is... 8 - 6 - 1 - 1 - 0 - 3"..
eh.. that's my IC number...


Looks like I won the grand prize XD