Saturday, January 29, 2011


It's funny how I heard there are people would address me as desperate, Casanova or whatever crap.. They're all nonsense! Anyway, so what? I don't mind.. Call me names all they want and I'll just laugh along :)

Back to the topic.. Why do I keep hanging out with different women? It's simple, really.. I simply ENJOY their company.. Heck.. Why the hell would I go out with them if I don't feel like it.. I'm not one who toys around with another feelings as well..

There's a big difference between guy-guy talk and guy-girl talk.. Usually when a guy is talking to another guy, the ego-meter rises up.. Not every single guy out there can accept sensitive issues or relationship talks.. They need to present their "manliness" all the time.. To me, that's where they're wrong.. Putting up a block, or a mask, can sometimes be a nuisance.. People will have the tendency to mistreat or misinterpret you.. No point.. Those around you only accepted you for who you're acting to be.. Not who you really are.. Google it up.. Hypocrite vs Compromise..

What I've written below is some of the points I took out from a book, which has some interesting points for talking with women...
The basics.. For starters, you need to actually LIKE women.. How can you expect them to like you if you don't really like them? And I'm not talking about physical interaction.. You need to like how they talk, how they act and especially what they are.. You have to pretty much looking for the best in women..

Listen guys, you can't be going around saying they're gold diggers, they're all liars, they're going to cheat on me anyway.. Women follow your lead.. If you believe them to be that way, then they will be that way.. Think the best of what they can offer you..

Remember, there are men and women with hearts of gold.. Just because you met with one asshole, doesn't mean every single of them is the same!


For some reason, I don't feel like talking to people who always appear offline or is in invisible mode..

Rather.. They want to be "hidden" from everyone.. Thus, that's exactly how I'm gonna treat them.. "hidden"..

Nuff said~

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Dreams.. Dreams are a succession of images, sounds or emotions that pass through the mind during sleep.. The content and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history..

Have you recently had a weird dream? Very weird but it seemed real at the same time?
This has to be one of the weirdest dream I've had over the last few months.. It feels as if the dream had actually happened.. But in the end, it's just a dream...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm a Gorilla =_=

taken from
Gorillas are strong, unpolished individuals with a gruff exterior that conceals their soft and chewy center. They are capable, happy-go-lucky individuals with a disarming naivet. Maybe a little hairy with a tattoo or two too, they are unpretentious and engaging creatures who brighten everyone's day with their enthusiastically warm greetings. They pay little attention to their physical condition and can even be a bit of a slob. With this tendency to be untidy, a gorilla isn't one to recycle or pick up after itself.

Even with the gorilla's warmly gruff exterior there remains an underlying sense of menace that percolates throughout its personality. Though it is built for physical confrontation, it's difficult to imagine a gorilla actually inflicting bodily harm. However, when the gorilla or its family is threatened, the transgressor quickly realizes their mistake. Its body hair standing on end and large frame at full height, the gorilla will never back down from a fight. In a child-custody battle it's better to negotiate an up-front peace with a gorilla rather than endure a prolonged and bloody battle.

Gorillas are intelligent but not overly motivated. When young they avoid formal learning, and as an adult their intelligence manifests itself as street-smarts. They have the talent and problem-solving skills to be excellent mechanics, plumbers or repair people.

Their career, however, takes a backseat to the pursuit of recreational activity and they will rarely reach great heights in business. However, if they're lucky enough to find a job that incorporates fun and physical prowess - such as a personal trainer or professional wrestler - they can certainly rise to the top of their field.

Gorillas' appreciation for the good life puts them in good stead for careers in the service industry, including the hotel and restaurant businesses, and customers appreciate a gorilla's gruff but can-do attitude.

Gorillas are unmotivated by money, and they avoid strenuous physical exertion in favor of spending their leisure time at play. Drawn to social groups, the classic gorilla scene is a group of Hells Angels revving their bikes, mimicking a gorillalike chest pounding and roaring.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


This is really ingenious! I salute the student who made this essay..

If you're wondering what's the song, here it is.. Enjoy!