Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What MEN wants!

I believe when women think that is all we want from them, that is all they get from the relationship.. I was intrigued by the responses I received and I decided to have a chat with a few guys.. I found out that we men want more than sex in a relationship.. These are what men want from a relationship and I think we should call it the men’s list..

The main thing guys want in a relationship is a woman with brains, someone to stimulate our thought process, someone to make us analyse our decisions.. We are attracted to a smart woman.. When a woman can hold a conversation on different subjects, it’s really attractive and we want to spend more time with them.. We guys have a saying which goes “the smarter the woman, the more likely she can manage a home”.. The only problem is women like this are hard to find these days, especially when most girls seem to spend their time trying to be the perfect Barbie look alike..

The next thing we want from a relationship is someone who is affectionate.. You have to know how to use kind, nice and sweet words.. We men like a polite woman.. You also have to be gentle, compose yourself in public and be polite.. If you try this with your man and it doesn’t work, maybe you are with the wrong guy..

Appearance does matter a lot to guys.. You don’t have to be a super model, but we love and appreciate a woman who puts in effort to look good.. We are not saying wear the most expensive things, but just look neat and clean..

Men love a woman with a good sense of humour, someone who can take the stresses of life away with her charm and personality.. Men love banter and a woman who can understand the male sense of humour will get a big thumbs up!

Being down to earth is also a big plus.. Don’t pretend to be Rihanna, Gaga or Beyonce because you are not and you will never be.. Just be yourself, let your personality shine and trust me you have nothing to worry about..

Be confident! Speak your mind and let the man know what you want.. If you don’t speak we won’t know how to behave or the things that you like.. Remember, we men do not know how to read minds – if we could we would all be billionaires..