Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sheila on 7 - Mudah Saja

I don't know why.. But every time I hear this song, it always reminded me a certain someone...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sarcastic Mode..

Yeah.. Today is the best day ever! Didn't know what I ate wrong but suddenly I feel like vomiting.. Today itself.. I've vomit 2 times already.. Well.. When people doesn't seem to bother, why should I tell them anyway... Heh..

Anyway, recently I've joined this Monavie Acai Berry business program.. It cost me around RM600.. For the 1st box, it went well.. When the second arrived, my mom insisted on selling to her friends.. Which was last Monday.. It's already Friday.. And I can still see the box untouched downstairs.. Well except for the one she took for herself and have yet to pay for it..

How am I supposed to see the doctor if I don't have any cash at all? With a car that's running low on fuel, how am I gonna go to work? To register Kelana Astana for MoF when I have no idea on what to do and all the explanations I've received are not helping at all..

I've already decided.. This March, I'm gonna resume my studies under Bachelor Psychology in HELP University.. Why do I go into psychology? Because I like to help people.. And at the same time, it will help me as well

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Acai Berry - Have you heard about it?

For many centuries, the healing power of the acai berry was unknown outside of the Amazon rainforest where this amazing fruit grows wild. The rainforests of the world are thought to hold the keys to treating and preventing many of our most feared diseases, and as the rainforests disappear, those cures disappear along with them. The acai berry, however, used by the indigenous peoples of the region for thousands of years to enhance health and vitality, has already been discovered.

The acai berry grows as a wild plant on top of many native palm trees in the Amazon rainforest, with the fruits of the plant being harvested by local farmers and used to make a healthy and nutritious fruit pulp. When quickly frozen, this fruit pulp can retain its vast nutritional value even when being shipped around the world. The acai berry is known for its deep purple color, as well as for being a rich source of many important antioxidant vitamins.

The major benefits of the acai berry are thought to include its strong heart health benefits. The acai berry is known to be a rich source of compounds called anthocyanins. These anthocyanins are the same compounds thought to give red wine its health benefits, but acai berries may contain even higher concentrations of these healthy chemicals than wine, with none of the health risks associated with alcohol.

The acai berry is also a rich source of protein and dietary fiber, in addition to high levels of both omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, thought to have a protective effect on the heart and cardiovascular system. The omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids contained in the acai berry may also play a role in lowering levels of cholesterol in the blood.

In addition to these important benefits, the acai berry is thought to play a vital role in slowing down the aging process. In health food circles, the acai berry is known as one of the most powerful of the anti-aging superfoods. It is thought that this anti-aging effect is a combination of the high levels of anthocyanins and the strong antioxidant vitamin content the fruit contains. In fact, the acai berry is known to contain ten times as many antioxidant vitamins as grapes and twice as many as blueberries.

For many years the acai berry has been hard to find, even in health food stores and natural grocery stores. As the reputation of this super fruit continues to grow, however, its availability is on the rise. It is now possible to buy acai berries in their raw form, as well as purchasing a number of excellent, highly concentrated fruit drinks made with the healthful and powerful acai berry.

The acai berry is truly one of nature’s most healing foods, and a worthy addition to any healthy diet.

Some of the benefits of acai berry:

# Increases your life span
# Gives you greater energy
# Increases your strength
# Keeps you looking and feeling younger
# Allows you to maintain a healthy blood pressure
# Works to prevent certain types of cancer
# Keeps your cholesterol levels healthy
# For diabetics it can help promote a normal blood sugar level
# It can enhance your sexual function
# It can promote weight loss
# Relieves dizziness and headaches
# Gives you a better sleep cycle
# Helps improve your vision
# Helps strengthen the health of your heart
# Increases your resistance to diseases
# Fights against inflammation and arthritis
# Reduces the effects of menopausal symptoms
# Improves the strength of your muscles and bones
# Increase your memory
# Aids the digestion process
# Promotes your body's overall wellness
# Reduces your recovery time after injury
# Helps reduce the effects of aging
# Gives you all the vital vitamins your body needs
# Provides your body with several important minerals
# Fights against free radicals
# Contains a high amount of fiber
# Helps to cleanse and detoxify the body
# Reduces the risk of heart problems
# Improves mental function

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Friday, January 15, 2010


Imagine the most ridiculous item ever.. Well, what did you think about? I was browsing through tagged pictures of my friends in facebook and I came across this..

This is EPIC! Wth man.. How did they even thought about these things.. With a simple press of a button, and whatever you desired is done! Absolutely genius! I wish I had one of these XD