Monday, October 19, 2009

Funny.. :))

It's really funny when someone talks about stuff he/she doesn't really know..
It's really funny when someone tries to prove themselves right even though they're wrong..
It's ridiculously funny when someone gives too much excuses for everything..
It's amazingly funny when someone tries to deny the truth even though the proof is right there in front of him/her..
And somehow.. It's truly funny when someone become too obsessed with something that he/she doesn't notice what's going on around them..

It's amazing! Truly spectacular! With just one change of a letter, a whiner becomes a winner..

The road to victory lies open when one stop whining and actually do something about it.. When there's a will, there's ALWAYS a way :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Why Geeks Make Good Lovers! Haha

One of the Universal Truths that lie just beyond the fabric of modern society is the axiom that geeks, along with nerds and other peoples who over-invest in intelligence but boast underdeveloped social skills, make the best lovers. Once people realize this, the sexual revolution that will sweep through western culture will make the seventies look like the fifties, and I’m not talking about wider pants. The reasons why geeks are unparalleled as lovers are simple and many:

Geeks don’t sleep around!!
Geeks, through their higher IQ and therefore greater understanding of the tragedy of human condition, know that the dice only seem to have more sides on the other side of the table. Hence, they instinctively stay loyal to their lovers through thick and thin. Their social skills are also not well developed enough to support an affair, and frankly, geeks generally aren’t quite sure how they ended up with the lover they have attracted. When you date a geek, you know the geek will be yours until you are done.

Geeks are good at the things they try!
When’s the last time you met a geek who didn’t have some secret skill just simmering below the surface of a simple-seeming life, honed in the wee hours of the night? It could be hacking, playing video games, or the ability to insert and remove those stupid computer power plug things from drives without cursing or breaking a finger. Let sex become their new favorite late-night hobby, and you know that a geek won’t quit until he or she has learned how to hack into your brainstem through specific genitalia interfacing in parallel with general dermal and oral bonding.

Geeks are not interested in status!
Geeks became geeks because they chose to spend their time doing things that would not necessarily make them popular with everyone else in school, like sports and fashion. The ability to resist peer pressure is important to a geek. This means that a geek is more interested in their or your happiness than looking good to others, which will come in handy when either (a) you need attention, in any sort ranging from the nurturing to the lascivious, and also, because both of those things are not necessarily unorthagonal dimensions, any combination of the two, or (b) you need to be rescued because it is the climax of a teen 80’s movie. Or both.

Geeks haven’t formed bad habits!
After years of serially dating lots of other women, many socially successful guys have become too confident to be intimate, think of women only for sex, and don’t have any intention of letting what in their minds is “just another girlfriend” enjoy the last spring roll. Let us not even pry into the diabolical, dark, twisted, and depraved mind of the girl who has serially dated many men. None of this is true of the geek, however. The lack of past romantic partners allows the geek to approach lovers with the zest of the neophyte. Geeks are not full of romantic confidence; however, once coaxed from their emotional holes like tame bunnies, they are eager to please and enjoy their newly found relationship.

Geeks can concentrate!
Geeks can focus their energy on one task with the intensity of a hunting cheetah. Granted, the task they are focusing on may have more to do with hunting orcs with a +1 Sword of Piercing rather than hunting gazelles with claws, but the fact remains that a geek, once set upon a task and given Mountain Dew, becomes a tireless slave to their goal. Put a six-pack of Dew on the bedside table and a geek between the sheets, and you have found yourself one relentless lover. When’s the last time all night actually meant all night? When’s the last time you were with someone who, if they needed more of the night, knew how to get it?

Geeks have excellent finger dexterity!!
Geeks roll dice. Geeks play video games. Geeks flip pages in books. Geeks type a lot, and use characters like ~ and ^ and | that no one else has any use for. Geeks use calculators in postfix notation. As a result, a geek knows how to use his or her fingers to greatest possible effect. Whether you have a button that needs pushing or a joystick that needs joy, a geek is the person for the job.

Geeks have imagination!
Once you have found your amazing lover, you wouldn’t want things to become boring. That is where geeks prove their real worth. Replayability is important to the value-conscious video-game playing geek, and this translates to relationships as well. Wouldn’t you want to date someone who has created a Quake 3 mod? Wouldn’t you want to date someone who has written steamy EverQuest fan fiction involving elven incest? Wouldn’t you want to date someone who wished they were Morpheus rather than someone who wished they were Barry Bonds?

There are plenty of other reasons why geeks are the best lovers around, but don’t just take my word for it. Find the nearest sexy geek and coax that person into asking you out, even if you have to do so using instant messenger. Remember: the only non-sexy geek is a single geek.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cari Pacar Lagi XD

I got nothing to do right now.. So might as well translate this song =/

My love.. my love for you..
Is not as much as before..
The way u measure my love..
Too little in your eyes..

Oh ho I am sorry~
I won't love you anymore..

The way I hug you..
Is not as affectionate as before..
I cheated because you cheated..
Let both of us cheat together~

Oh ho I am sorry~
I won't love you anymore..

Let us just break off..
I don't want my hurt to get hurt..
It's better if I finish it off..
I don't want my feelings to suffer..

Don't you always feel that..
You're not the only woman around..
It's better if I break it off..
Find another spouse~


Omg.. The song suddenly sounds weird.. Heh.. But facts are facts.. If going on with a relationship would only make both of u suffer, why should u continue with it? Go out and find another that can make you feel whole again.. Nuff said.. That's all for now.. Take care =D


First of all, here's my take on why relationships fail...

When you first start dating someone that you really like, the body releases a combination of chemicals that are quite literally intoxicating.. These chemicals cause you to want to be with that person all the time, stay up all night talking to them, and have sex three times a day..

But twelve to eighteen months later, the chemicals change.. The intoxicating chemicals are replaced by 'stability' chemicals.. The 'stayup-all-night-can't-be-away-from-her-have-sex-three-times-a-day' feeling goes away and the 'lets-settle-down-and-have-two-kids-and-buy-a-minivan' chemicals take over.. Deal with it..

So now that you know this, how do you keep this whole thing from turning into an episode of All In The Family?

Well, the short answer is, keep up the fun, interesting, unpredictable behavior.. Notice the details.. Do thoughtful things..

Here's something that I've learned in life: If you want to get back more than you give, then play the stock market.. It's not gonna happen in relationships.. In fact, if you want to get a lot back, you're probably going to have to give even more..

Most people are selfish, and they say "I'm not going to give more than I get".. But instead of getting a lot, all they get is old and unhappy.. I've found that it's much better to give a ton and get back a lot in return, not caring about the fact that I didn't get as much as I gave, than to give little or none and get back little or none..

Relationships aren't like investing.. If you want a lot, get used to giving more.. But it's worth it in the end, because love and attention and humor and fun aren't like money.. If you give them out, you don't have less.. You have MORE.. Get it?

Anyway, here's what I think about woman generally.. Every woman is a unique creature.. But women have more commonalities than they have differences.. So let's start with what I think they have in common, then we'll move on to

For most men, a woman is like a Chinese puzzle inside of a brain twister. Much of their behavior makes no sense at all.. Well at least to men..

If there's one thing that I'm clear about, it's that most women THINK differently than most men and most women want different things than most men..
This is hard for many men to grasp or understand, but it's true.. And the sooner you get a handle on what's going on here, the sooner you'll be more successful with women..

For starters, let's compare what both men and women are interested in.. Have you ever stopped to think about what entertains women as a group compared to what entertains men as a group? Women buy Cosmopolitan magazine, watch soap operas, and read romance novels.. Men buy Playboy, watch sports, and read the paper.. Hmm.. Why are women so attracted to these things? Why is it when men try to do those things as well, they just don't get it..

I'll tell you why.. It's because women's brains are wired differently from men's brains.. That's why.. And by telling you about what attracts women's attention, I've also given you a clue about how to attract them to YOU.. =D