Sunday, December 27, 2009


Don't people always forget what happened in the past? For example... the face or the name of a beloved person.. What you talked about or what happy things you did.. But when you meet the person by chance, you naturally start smiling.. One remembers the feeling of having loved someone.. Even so, the purest memories are still locked in the deepest part of the brain.. No matter how forgetful one is, he or she will never forget those memories... They are eternal.. :)

*Listens to Pavane of a Dead Princess*

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Being an Optimist..

Thoughts.. Expressed through words.. Whether those words be spoken or sung, do not necessarily tell their story to ears unfamiliar with the language used... But when heart speaks to heart from the depth of inner feeling, then none are so deaf but that they may hear..

Music may be made such a potent factor that it will awaken the very highest feelings in the life of man, and through the awakening will come a life such as he was intended to live from the beginning.. If we could only realize that as life progresses there is an ever-increasing wonder of music and colour but that only through inner development can come the appreciation of it.. Then, we should look forward, not with doubts and fears to sorrowful or painful or even evil consequences that may befall us in the future time, but with pleasurable anticipation to the greater joys that we know await us..

Monday, December 14, 2009

Deja Vu...

Dear bloggie,

Today.. This morning.. Approximately 6 o'clock in the morning.. I got my heart torn apart again.. I thought she was different.. I thought that she might be the one who'd make me happy.. But in the end, she's just the same with all the heart-breakers out there..

Perhaps she was waiting for the time to get rid of me.. I know I'm just a nobody.. Not a descendant of famous people.. Nor a descendant of a royal line.. Maybe she was right.. One sided love will get you nowhere.. It didn't matter how hard I tried..

Again, I found myself slipping into the darkness.. Searching everywhere for hope..

"In everything that's good, there's always evil hiding inside..And in everything evil, there's always a glimpse of faith.. A small hope.. A small glimpse of light within the never ending darkness..."