Monday, June 23, 2008

23 June 2008.. The Day I've Been Waiting For..

23 June 2008.. The day has finally arrived.. From this moment on, I will never drop another tear for anyone~! The next time I cry will be the moment I take my last breath! The grave has been dug.. The name of a heartbreaker will now be buried inside it.. For eternity!

Time to move on has arrived.. No more will I shatter into pieces.. No more will I stumble.. No more will it affects me in any way at all! With the thoughts of not being with her!

20 messages, 1 birthday card, a birthday gift and some flowers.. As I gave her my farewell wishes, this has to stop! I will no longer be waiting for her!

Now I bid farewell, to all the memories of all the moments we share together.. Goodbye forever..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happiness.. Define it..

If you searched under google, try to put "define:happiness".. It'll result in
- state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy..
- Happiness is an emotional or affective state that is characterized by feelings of enjoyment and satisfaction. As a state and a subject, it has been pursued and commented on extensively throughout world history. This reflects the universal importance that humans place on happiness. (taken from wikipedia)
- A state of mind typically described as akin to pleasure, joy or enjoyment; however, in the language of natural science joy/pleasure are rendered transient emotional states while happiness is a continuum of pleasure or desired mood tempered by personalized values, history and a unique view of life. Thus, happiness, from the biological point of view, demands both the mind’s powers of reasoning and emotional intelligence – the understanding and use of emotional informatitate of consciousness) can be spontaneous or artificially induced. The constitutional right of men and women to pursue their ‘happiness’ means the them the highest enjoyment. (taken from eubios)

So, what do you understand about happiness?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Wow! Weight Loss Impact xD

A few moments ago, I browsed through all my files.. I found some wonderful memories among them.. Pictures of a happy couple.. Videos of them celebrating b'days and anniversaries.. Furthermore, among those memories, I saw my old self..

Imagine from this

to this

Reminded me of how fat I used to be.. Haha..

Saturday, June 14, 2008

10 Biggest Mistakes In My Life..

It's nearly 5 AM in the morning and I still couldn't shut my eyes.. All I've been thinking since I got back from work was all the mistakes I did.. Here there are..

10th Biggest Mistake:
Snuck out late at night, went to cyber cafe and chat.. I got busted a few times but I keep on finding new ways to sneak out.. - 2000-2002

9th Biggest Mistake:
Passed up my SPM paper early so that I can go to a cyber cafe nearby and play Ragnarok Online.. Addicted for quite some time.. - 2003

8th Biggest Mistake:
Continued eating even though I'm already full.. Kept on eating until I can't move anymore.. Fuh.. I was such a glutton.. As long as they're food to eat, I'll keep on eating and going back and forth to the toilet.. Haha.. - 1998-2006

7th Biggest Mistake:
Hesitated to fill up fuel until my car ran out of it.. - 2004, 2008.. Haha

6th Biggest Mistake:
Skipped class and went to play DoTA from morning until night.. - 2004

5th Biggest Mistake:
Borrowed some money from my sister and parents without asking.. Erm.. Thinking of returning all those money but I've lost count >_>.. Sis, Dad, Mom.. If you're reading this, please wait for a while.. I'll return all that I've taken as soon as I got a steady job.. - 1999-2003 (I don't do it since then.. "Ask and it shall be fulfilled")

4th Biggest Mistake:
Lied to my parents.. Told them I went to college but actually I was on the way to malacca for a tournament.. The result? I got a car accident :( - 2007

3rd Biggest Mistake:
Not listening to what my parents have to say.. "They know what's best for them! Not for me! I'm not them!".. This is what I used to think.. I was such a rebellious boy.. - 2001-2006 (Now I've understand how they feel..)

2nd Biggest Mistake:
Letting people take me for granted.. Some of my classmates became close to me.. When they want to hang out, they'll ask me to join them.. However, they didn't even call me to study.. Sure sometimes I was lazy to drive back to uniten from my house, but it's the thought that counts.. - 2004

1st Biggest Mistake:
I guess my biggest mistake is thinking I was ready to fall in love.. I've always thought love was everything for me.. Heh.. I guess I was wrong.. Love turned me down and brought me here.. Caused me so much pain and suffering.. - 2003, 2008..

Well there you go.. 10 biggest mistakes in my life.. However, I didn't regret on doing any of those things.. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here now.. Who knows what might've happened.. These mistakes have taught me a lot in life.. And now, I vow never to repeat these mistakes ever again.. :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Insincerity.. *Sigh*

I don't understand why some people preferred not to face the truth.. Facing your own mistakes and admitting them are part of growing up.. Sure we've said something wrong and do something bad.. When we look back and think about it, the best action would be admitting your own mistakes and making up to it.. Heh..

I remembered someone said sorry to me.. In fact, it was just a few weeks ago.. Yeah, she said sorry.. But is she going to do something to atone for it? I don't think so.. Saying sorry won't help me from my sickness.. Words alone are not enough!! If words alone would cure me from this disease, how come I'm still not healthy!! I know your intention was good, but some things are better off not disturbed..