Thursday, July 22, 2010

Attracting Women.. (Diary of an Insomniac page 204)

There are two secrets to meeting beautiful women and without them, the best methods in the world will not work.. These are: the right attitude and being unique in your approach.. Being unique may draw all kinds of girls to you, but you must have the proper attitude to hold on to them.. These are so important that I will cover them in detail right now.


This is the most important quality you can possess to be successful with women.. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can compare with a superior attitude.

You can be the best looking guy in the world, but without a good attitude very few women will end up in your arms.. Let me tell you how it helped me..
"You might be a very nice guy but if you want to meet and hold onto a lot of women, you have to change your attitude... Women do not want a guy who is weak and unsure of himself... They want someone who is strong and self confident.. Be a little hard to get, a little casual and sly but also be tender and caring... Know you can do it, and you will have hundreds of women.."

There is not one female in this world who wants a guy who is average.. She is always looking for a guy who is different, her knight in shining armor, her dream man, the man who is unique.. That's why these methods will work, because they are different and very unique.. Any guy can walk up to 100 women and maybe 1 to 10 will show some interest.

But I want you to be successful with nearly 100% of the women, and you will nearly approach that when you have the right attitude and are unique in meeting women.. From this day forward, you will eliminate the word average from your life and substitute the word unique.. You will become a real ladies man, a man who has dozens of women at his fingertips.. You will never be lonely again.. You must attain the correct attitude and you will never be without women.. No woman seeks the common man..

They seek the man who is different, the man who is unique.. Every one of these methods are unique and different.. That is why they will work.. Have faith in me and these methods and you will succeed.

Unless you look like a Greek God or a movie star, you will have very little chance of meeting girls in bars using the normal and common methods.. Ask yourself on what other point could she possibly make her decision.. Now take a look in the mirror.. Can you make it on your looks alone?

I can't.. Therefore it's mandatory to rely on something other than your looks in order to meet sexy women in the singles bars.. You must become appealing to her.. You must reverse the normal procedure.. By doing this you will be able to select and attract the really beautiful girls and become truly appealing to them.. This is what these methods will do for you.

I want to pound this idea into your mind.. To attract women you must reverse the original situation.. In the beginning you are attracted to her.. You want to meet her.. Your opening maneuver should be to turn the tables so that now she is attracted to you, and wants to meet you.. This might seem difficult but it is very very easy.

You can accomplish this by arranging her first thoughts of you to be, "He is unique, different, and very interesting." Once you have arranged this, she will be very pleased to meet you and get to know you.. That is what these methods will do for you..


Monday, July 19, 2010

Diary of an Insomniac page 202.. "Thoughts for her..."

Through the years in life, you met several great women and with them you learn valuable lessons.. Sometimes you just could not expect things to be good.. Sometimes life can be very negative, but deciding to stay positive all the time can be a good thing (in the long term)..

Everyone’s been hurt, at least once in their lifetime.. It really hurts like hell, but from those painful moments you really learn something from it.. Learn to be patient and learn to be more wiser and understanding.. It is hard to understand the opposite sex but its worth the try.. Because you know its worth it, I know its worth it..

Have you ever been in a situation where you did what you expected to be positive and the end result is the opposite? Well, you did the right thing but the wrong move.. That is where you’ll learn..

In life of love, for me, there’s 2 things.. Acceptance and Rejection.. What I never learned is what’s in the middle between both.. Compared to the 1st and 2nd ,the one in the middle is the hardest for me to deal with.. Its what we call as, Ignorance or another thing is ‘Hanging Situation’.. I’ve been through it and it really tears open every single bit of whats left in your soul.. Being ignored by someone you had known for a long time really hurts.. Even when you’ve been honest with her and told her every single reasons for your actions.. The thing here is, I’ve tried.. Being patient for years really tests my life.. Some people might say there’s still others out there waiting, But I can't do that.. Because it will totally change my perception towards woman..

They are not clothes like the ones you change everyday, they are human.. And humans have feelings.. U can't change love like changing your clothes.. That’s not even love.. If you believe in the term 'fake love' then you're screwing people’s mind.. Try to think of the consequences.. U played with people’s mind and loyalty, and when you leave them they got hurt like hell.. If they were to think negatively, they’ll follow the footsteps of the person who did that to them.. What happens next? U know the answer.. The cycle will continue, and those who are loyal will be the victims over and over again.. Be rational and logic..

Sometimes what you did in the past can be either a good thing or a bad thing for the future.. Sometimes you never realized that the past can sometimes tells us the good value of people who once were and still nice to u.. But no one is perfect.. Not even me.. So in life you learn the term ‘changes’.. Its for the benefit of yourselves.. Why is it important? Because you live only ONCE.. And everything has got to be positive throughout your life.. Me? I did my best but still I screwed up so that will be the closing of my chapter.. Because in this chapter of mine, I've hurt someone I cared the most, I failed to understand her, and I don’t want that to happen to somebody else.. I’ve done enough and in return what I get is failure so its something that I hope will heal someday..

So people, be rational and think of what I’ve wrote.. Don’t love women just for what you see with your eyes, love them for the good things of what they did not see within themselves.. Because that is where you will really appreciate them the most..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Counting days.. 363 to go.. Diary of an insomniac page 201

Argghh.. I can't sleep tonite.. I'm not sure why.. Maybe it's because the durians I ate.. It's becoming so hot in this room... Too many durians.. urgghhh...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Unexpected Part 2

I have to admit.. I was feeling a bit insecure over the last few weeks.. A certain someone has been on my mind.. I'm not sure what was going on.. However, last Saturday, finally she explained.. And suddenly, all the rain and dark clouds are gone.. Life is bright once again.. Even all the ordeals fell upon me, I can still smile..
When I'm down, just a simple text from you would make me feel better..
As you focus yourself on something positive, yes, surely and definitely, something positive will happen.. Alas, a new playlist is up.. Enjoy ^_^

Speaking of which, I lost my handphone, Sony Ericsson W995, at a nearby internet cafe, at approximately 12.45am yesterday.. All the important contacts and details are in there.. Damn..

To top things off, around 12 noon today, I had an accident with a motorcycle.. Will talk about that more later on..

For now, I have to continue walking, face front, chest up, with a big smile on my face :D

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Have A Magic Dolphin :D

Drifting alone
Where am I to go
The purpose in me
Sadly I don't know

Who'll take my hand
I'm sailing in the sand
Nothing to enjoy
Feeling quite destroyed

But I know a magic dolphin
Swimming above the world
And in my dreams it promised me
That someday I'll find my girl

No one to love
No one to lose
All by myself
This is what I choose

Lovers everywhere
Why should I even care
Will I ever change
That would sure be strange

But I know a magic dolphin
Swimming above the world
And in my dreams it promised me
That someday I'll find my girl

She has the taste of summer
Cute shiny eyes of love
And until I find that girl of mine
I have a friend above
Yes, I have a friend above

'Cause I know a magic dolphin
Swimming above the world
And in my dreams it promised me
That someday I'll find my girl

She has the taste of summer
Cute shiny eyes of love
Until I find that girl of mine
I have a friend above
I have a friend above
Yes, I have a friend above

My First Open Tournament!

I drove out around 9.. Feels like having a few games of bowling.. When I arrived there, it was more crowded than usual.. Something is up, or so I thought.. Turns out, they were having a tournament.. Weekly Singles Tournament..

With an entrance fee of RM60, I have to play a total of 5 games..

For some reason.. Bowling is much more fun playing with people rather than playing alone.. I wish my No 1 cheerleader was there.. I might be able to perform better.. With her in mind, saying good luck for me, I managed to once again achieve a new personal record.. And that would be 190..

Certain things that happened, had a undesirable ending, because we don't allow it to continue on.. Maybe things would different if only she wants it to happen.. I'm sure things will be different.. For every pain, I'd be the instant remedy.. And for every joy, I'd be the multiplier..

Sometimes, I'd just pretend that she's next to me and started talking.. Though there won't be a reply, just the thought of being able to talk to her is enough.. That will surely brighten my day..