Friday, May 30, 2008


It's been a week since holiday started.. All I've been doing is just work, eat and sleep.. Heh..

A few moments ago, I was chatting with one of my school friends.. She mentioned that she just returned from UK and she had tons of fun over there.. The reason of the trip? Well, let's just say she's trying to clear her mind because of her recent breakup.. She reminded me of Shukie.. She went to Aussie for the same reason.. Did I mention that they both went there alone?

A vacation alone.. I've always wanted to go on a vacation.. No friends, no family and no ex-gfs around.. Heh.. I think I'm beginning to like the term ALONE.. Only then can I think about life and such..

Anyway, here's my workplace.. I've been making popcorns at night since day 3 I started working.. If u feel popcorns are sweeter than usual, then it's my masterpiece.. I've been using extra caramel on the popcorns that I make :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

I Still Don't Understand...

Yeah.. Sure.. I know that our relationship is already over.. I was just getting used to the term of being single.. However, she suddenly smsed me.. Saying sorry and stuff.. The way she said it.. It's like she regretted breaking up with me or sumthing like that.. When I asked whether she's thinking of getting back together, she said no..

Why did she bother saying sorry? It's been 4 months since we broke up.. 3 months I suffered like hell.. And now she's trying to make me suffer again? Argghh!!

A few hours ago, I arrived at my hostel room.. Quickly plugged in my pc and play some songs while I was packing some stuff.. Then, under my bed, I saw a very familiar box.. It was filled with all the stuff she gave me.. Some of our pics together, a CD full of love songs that she used to dedicate to me, and some birthday gifts.. Even my Razer DeathAdder was a gift from her.. Gifts are still gifts.. I will not throw away my gifts unless someone dispose of them for me...

Here's a few phrases I found over the net..

Behind every tragedy there is the promise of love in the same way as the promise of a new day is in the ending night.

· Life is worth living for a man only if the experience of some love waits for him. If not, he has no reason to live any further.

· If we counted up all the loves including those, which are deviant, into one only love, it would be love that would love every piece of human body and human soul.

· Love has the price for a man only in the moment when it is experiencing or when he is looking forward to experience it. If love passed away, there are but beautiful memories and pain left.

· I have heard a sad melody, the tones of which played about the real price of love that is often realized only after it is too late; that after the loss we have to vanishingly long for it's re-obtaining and the most just when it is nonreturnably away.

· There is no man that could recognize the entire love because it is recognized and understood only by those who are taking care of it all through the ages. With them you are allowed to talk about love much more than with any living human.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Movies and such...

*sigh*.. Why do idiots keep on complaining about things that are not true in movies? Doesn't matter if it's 300, or fitna.. If it's not true, why the hell should u bother?

for 300, do persians made the film? No.. Did the greeks? No.. It was americans who made the film.. Basically those who don't know everything about it.. So, we know it's not true, why should we bother?

Same as Fitna.. It wasn't made by a muslim.. As if they know anything in Islam.. The title has said it.. FITNAH which means false accusations.. Yet, stupidity overwhelms people and made them complain a lot about this..

Why can't they think? Well, luckily the offended didn't even think of creating a controversial movie to counter this one

I still remember, one of my old housemates in malacca decided to go free thinker.. All I can say to him was, Is this what you really wanted?.. If he thinks that's the best choice for himself, then he'll have to answer God 1 day.. Yet, people keep on cursing him, saying bad stuff about him.. Do we need to talk harshly? Even our prophet said "There shall be freedom to choose your own religion in an Islamic country".. The government aren't doing anything to those who decided to change religion or go free thinker, so why should you?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

1 Song To Describe Everything...

Do listen to Hujan - Kau Pijak Hatiku Lagi inside my playlist..

Monday, May 12, 2008

Medicines... No More!

Today, I've decided to stop eating my medicine.. I will go through this life without having anything that will hold me back.. I will keep on running without looking back, going through all the pain and hardships that will come along the way.. Sure, I will slow down and walk for a while, but I will never stop!

I am another ordinary boy that should undergo ordinary life.. Going to classes, having part time jobs, hanging out with friends and such.. I repeat! NOTHING can stop me from doing what I want, and what I'm supposed to do!

If this sickness catch up to me 1 day, so be it.. I'll be glad by then that I've live my life to the fullest!

Thank God for opening my eyes.. I was once blind to all the things that happened to me that I forgot about more important things in life.. I even forgot about the 1 phrase that kept me going on for years..

When There's A Will, There's A Way!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Part Timing.. Heh

Fuuuhhh.. I had to cut my hair AGAIN since the chief manager told me that my hair was too long.. Oh well, at least now I don't have to bother about my hair when I wake up or after bath haha..

It's been 5 days since I worked at GSC Alamanda.. Now I understand what it means to be a customer service.. A customer's smile is the most important thing.. Even when they're angry, they're scolding you, you can never raise your voice at them! The customer is always right! No matter how fussy or strict one is about their food and beverages..

I still remember.. On Monday, I went for the part time interview.. I was there around 12.. Filled up the form, made some passport pics and photocopied my IC.. My first form was spoiled by an irresponsible worker at McDonald's.. The paperworks are folded NICELY and they're NOT on the tray.. When I return from washing my hand, everything on the table was gone (luckily I didn't put my phone there).. Damn! Why can't he differs important stuff and trash.. I photocopied my IC again, had to take another form, filled it up on the spot before passing it up.. It was 1.30pm.. The interview starts at 2pm.. Well, so there I was, waiting.. Walking in circles.. Kept on going back and forth to the toilet just to see how my shirt, pants and hair are doing..

I looked at my phone, the time was 2pm.. The time had arrived! I went to the counter and there were another 4 candidates.. Then, the chief manager, Mr Abbas, introduced himself and invited the 5 of us into the meeting room.. We went inside, and noticed there were only 5 chairs.. 1 for him and another 4 for us.. Since I was the only one who came alone, I decided to let them have the opportunity first.. So, there I was, walking around in circles again! Arghh..! When will my turn come?! I walk around getting nervous by every second..

20 minutes had passed.. I've decided to go to the arcade to kill some time.. Played time crisis 2 and another sniping game.. Hoho.. I could've won! But I ran out of cash.. Dang!

The time now is 3pm.. Still no sign of Mr Abbas.. To kill some time, I went to the K-Box and sang a few songs.. 3.20pm.. Went back to GSC and one of the senior workers spotted me and brought me to him.. Yes! Finally! It's about time! Well, firstly, he told me to introduce myself in English.. Then he asked me a few questions about customer service and the motto "The customer is always right".. For the last question, he asked me "What's the 5 main points of good customer service?".. Well, I can't spoil the answer to you guys.. You have to go for the interview to know the answer =D

When I stepped into that room, he was telling another 2 candidates "We'll contact you in 2 days time".. And so I thought, he'll contact me in 2 days time if I succeed.. At the end of the interview, he said, "We have no problem hiring you.. When can you start?".. Without hesitation, I answered that the next day would be nice.. Now, here I am, working for GSC Alamanda for rm3.50 per hour as a part timer =D

p/s: he also mentioned that I can get a staff pass for each week.. Meaning I'll get 2FREE movie ticket EVERY WEEK!! Yay!! More benefits please =D

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hospital Visit..

A few weeks ago, around midnight, one of my friends called me.. He informed me that one of his friends passed out.. I was with daniel at that time.. And then, we went to a nearby hospital.. The one holding her phone kept on asking "can u help?" without even telling which hospital is it.. There we were, at Putrajaya Hospital.. There were a bunch of feelings inside me.. I was nervous, restless, panicked, and worst of all, I was speechless.. Being at a hospital always reminded me of all those sad stories about incurable diseases.. Somehow, I wonder how will my friends and family reacted if they found out I passed out.. Hmm.. The question remains...

After a few moments waiting, we found out that she had already left the hospital and currently at her home.. So we head back to our hostel and then my friend took off on his bike and went to see her..

Seriously I don't know what to write.. Hahaha

Friday, May 2, 2008

A Dream.. Hmmm

I've been sad for the whole morning.. I feel so lonely that all the memories about my ex suddenly arrive 1 by 1.. *sigh*..

I woke up around 4 am.. I forgot what my dream was.. All I remember was I heard my ex is going to get married this sunday.. Suddenly it struck me.. All those memories of having a loving and caring gf, and I was a jerk to her.. It's been a month since I last cried.. Tears run down my cheek without me noticing.. Without hesitating, I called nami, wondered what happened to the Roti Telur I ordered thru him a few hours ago.. When I heard a knock on the door, I knew it was him.. I quickly wiped my tears and opened the door..

Around 7am, I saw one of my old friends was online.. When she say good morning to me, I was thinking to myself.. "Good morning? What's good about this morning? It's a BAD morning!".. We talked about lots of stuff.. Then she adviced me to 'make a life'.. I wonder how.. She told me it is question I have to answer on my own..

Yeah.. Having fun doesn't last long.. When the event finishes, I'd be the same as before.. Well, at least I had fun :).. It's better than to sit n think all the sad parts.. Even sometimes when I smile or laugh, I know that deep down in me, I'm still crying..

Enough bout that.. Let me tell you about the dream I had after friday prayer.. First of all, it's like a continuation of my last dream.. The part that I remember was she was getting married.. The Akad Nikah ceremony.. As I step into her house compound, I saw her.. And apparently, she was surprised to see me there.. "An-chan" she said.. Which means brother in japanese.. In this case, someone dear.. Then she pronounced to all that's she would prefer to marry me since she made a promise to do so.. As I walk away to my house, she approached me.. I couldn't hold it any longer.. As I hugged her, I cried whole heartedly.. Then, I dropped onto the ground.. When I realized it, I was in my hostel room, and tears still drop down my cheek.. Heh.. Dreams.. Too bad it was in the evening.. LoL..

Dreams during evenings will never come true.. Too bad.. Hahaha.. Dreams that have highly chance to come true, some would call it a deja vu, are likely to happen during 2-4 in the morning.. That is why it is preferred that we should get some sleep around 11 and wake up around 5 in the morning..

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Suddenly, I noticed that most of my friends, remembered their ex.. And when I walk into their room, this song was playing.. Hanya Kau Yang Mampu by Aizat AF5.. The phrase was..

"Cerita tentang masa lalu
Cerita tentang kau dan aku
Kini tinggal hanya kenangan
Kau abadi di dalam hatiku.."

"Harusnya takkan ku biarkan engkau pergi
Membuat ku terpuruk rasa ingin mati
Derita yang mendera kapan akan berakhir
Hanya engkau yang mampu taklukkan hatiku"

Damn.. Suddenly I lost all my mood.. Argghhh.. I still don't understand..

If I were supposed to forget about her, why do all these signs keep coming back?