Monday, June 23, 2008

23 June 2008.. The Day I've Been Waiting For..

23 June 2008.. The day has finally arrived.. From this moment on, I will never drop another tear for anyone~! The next time I cry will be the moment I take my last breath! The grave has been dug.. The name of a heartbreaker will now be buried inside it.. For eternity!

Time to move on has arrived.. No more will I shatter into pieces.. No more will I stumble.. No more will it affects me in any way at all! With the thoughts of not being with her!

20 messages, 1 birthday card, a birthday gift and some flowers.. As I gave her my farewell wishes, this has to stop! I will no longer be waiting for her!

Now I bid farewell, to all the memories of all the moments we share together.. Goodbye forever..