Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blank.. +_+

I don't know what to write anymore.. It's been quite some time since something interesting / intriguing happened.. Well, except for this..

I still remembered a few months ago.. In order to forget my ex, I asked S to be my gf.. At first she hesitated since we just knew each other.. After some time, she finally agreed.. She's one year older than me and was doing her practical in Johor.. Though we were couples, she always ask me this question..

"What will you do if suddenly your ex comes back to you?"

Of course, the best answer would be "She's not my current gf".. But then, somehow I started to wonder.. If I were really supposed to forget my ex, why do all these signs keep on coming? Signs that kept on making me remember all those memories.. Our relationship doesn't last long.. 1 week to be precise..

From that 1 week relationship, I've learnt a lot.. If you don't want people to treat u badly, don't treat them badly.. All the things I've done to my ex, she did them to me.. Making me remember a whole lot more..
I remembered how I used to sulk everyday hoping that she would come and brighten up my day.. Heh.. Too many things that made me suffer more and more.. *sigh*..

Every moment I was with her, I was reliving the moments with my ex.. Except I was her and she was me... Heh.. I guess that's karma.. What you do to people will 1 day be done to you.. Ever since that day, I've promised myself that I will not hurt another because of my carelessness again :)