Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Very Weird Incident..

Have you ever heard someone calling out your name? When you turn, no one's there.. Or there's a large crowd and you couldn't find where the voice is coming from.. Perhaps.. Just maybe..

Sometimes, it was really a friend who called out my name.. When I'm rushing or thinking something, I would ignore it.. I just thought that I'm hearing things..

1 - Last week, I was woken up by a voice calling out my name.. It was getting annoying when it kept on doing so.. Well, who wouldn't get angry if someone disturbs their sleep.. Right? :p But when I woke up, my parents were asleep, so did everyone else in the house.. Who was the one? A female voice.. >_<

2 - A friend stayed over in my room for a few days.. I don't mind sleeping outside.. Usually, after midnight she said she saw a figure inside my room.. A girl.. Long hair and wearing a dress.. The girl noticed that she was able to see her.. And the girl was asking for help.. If this happens to you, what would you do? >_<

3 - This is a story according to my sister in law.. My nephew came down from upstairs.. When his mom asked what was he doing, he said he was playing with a friend.. A friend? He usually calls his nanny, Kak Nor and his sister, Kakak.. But a friend? Weird.. He doesn't call anyone in the family with the title "friend".. >_<

4 - The next event happens a lot in my hostel... There was no wind that time.. The door suddenly slammed shut.. And sometimes, the wardrobe suddenly opened by itself.. The most freaky thing for me is.. My roommate's pc suddenly powered up and shuts down on its own!

5 - My roommate, Deevon, was talking to Senyum who was on his bed.. Faisal was using the computer.. And then, suddenly, Senyum came in.. He just finished taking a bath.. Hmm.. Who did Deevon talk to? >_<


iman natalia said...

@number 4 :
haha a computer-freak ghost