Sunday, November 22, 2009

What Attracts You?

What do you first notice about the opposite gender? It can be their hair, their smile, what they're wearing and much more.. Some even goes for their smell.. *sniff* "She smells good.. I wanna get to know her".. Well, it happened before..

However, for me, the most intriguing thing that I notice would be their eyes.. For example, I met a lady regarding certain business.. Well.. At first she wasn't that attractive to me.. I'm not saying that she's not pretty.. In fact, she is.. Anyway.. we agreed to meet around 5 pm.. Spent around 3 hours asking about the business and of course, about herself.. But as I sat in front of her.. I started to notice her eyes.. It's as if they were glowing.. At first I thought she was using contact lenses.. It turned out that she has perfect vision.. But still.. I can't help staring at her eyes..

However.. That was it.. Once those eyes are no longer visible.. The interest is lost.. It's important to keep your spouse interested in you.. If not, that's when betrayal happens...