Wednesday, September 22, 2010

10 Things A Modern Man Wants In A Woman

She has a life of her own!
This is the first thing that a modern man would want to have in his woman. Gone are the days when a couple were seen as a single entity. A man would love his woman to have her own social life beyond him. Closing a couple inside a world away from social life will ruin it in the long run. Now this does not mean that a couple need to be overly social. The social level of a couple varies from one couple to another but each partner must have a social life.

Sense of Humor 
Ladies prefer a guy who can make them laugh everyday. Guys are no different. They also want a woman who laughs along and keeps the relationship light and alive.

Knows what she wants 
Men like their women confident and goal oriented. It gives them a kick to know that their woman is clear in her head and knows exactly what she is doing and how. Confidence definitely scores.

Men were the caretakers as far as our ancestors were concerned. But times have changed. With both the genders being equally successful and independent, men desire their women to be able to take care of themselves and not be the damsel in distress all the time.

Sharing Interests 
Men do not want you to like everything that they do. If you don’t like his golf club, its fine with him, so long as you are just open to sharing his experiences and listen to him. That’s all they want, a healthy sharing of interests.

Tell me straight 
All men want their women to be straight and upfront about what bothers them and not play around with words. It only confuses them. Straight talk is much appreciated. And the worst that a woman can do is to listen blindly to others and not clarify things with the man before reaching a conclusion!

She initiates sex 
The days when sex initiation was taken to be the man’s domain are quite far behind now. Men appreciate their women to come up first and start it all, infact it is a turn on for most men.

No matter how modern or retro a man is , a caring woman is always desirable. Men want to be mothered for and not nagged, so caring is definitely a plus.

Space giving 
They love you and do not feel it is important to be told a thousand times a day over calls and mails. Men would look for a woman who does not turn on the relationship pressure on a constant basis but rather understand and give them space to be. I precise on this one. Saying lovely words and expressing love during the day and very often is very good but if you keep saying it every 30 minutes over 24 hours, then you are either mad or not busy enough! Expressing love 5 to 6 times a day is however normal.

This is much under- rated, but a highly desirable trait. It is usually propagated that women love surprises, but men too, relish spontaneity and on the spur moments and would love to have a spontaneous woman.