Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to Text Right

How to pump her full of curiosity, intrigue, and desire, until she's picking up her phone and thumbing in a message (whether she wanted to or not)

Igniting Feelings of intense chemistry and connection, and has her trusting you.. Making her thinking of you, craving you, and even fantasizing about you.. Desperately waiting for your next message..

Most importantly, these texts quickly get meetups that turn into relationships!

In fact, you can even use these three texts to:

-Text your way out of the friend zone
-Jump-start things back up with a girl that is slipping away (without coming across as needy or desperate)
-Get a girl you just met chasing you, fighting for your attention, working to win you over

Even girls who has been sending icy cold one word responses will suddenly be eager to spend time with you

All because you will be using a very specific sequence of magnetic texts called "The Key Lock Sequence"

When you use these three texts, it's like pushing a key into a lock, turning, and awakening an exciting and fun side of her that she has hidden from all the other guys in her phone!

And the best part is, it works like clock.. "Rinse, Wash, Repeat" on any girl you meet, so you'll never struggle with what to write to a girl AGAIN!

The secret I'm about to reveal, you can even pull your phone out and use it immediately..

You may be thinking you have tried it all, and seen it all.. but you have never seen anything like this before...

And I promise, one tip is particular is going to shock you...

Before I get to that, I'd like to expose a dangerous "Myth of Attraction" that's stopping you from scoring more women right now..
"Attraction is Black or White"
That a woman either wants you or she doesn't..
She's attracted to you or she's not

But that's NOT how attraction works!
A woman's opinion of you, can change by the year, month, week, day and even by the hour!

The good news is, that even if you didn't make a stellar first impression, you can still win her over and get her wanted you..
Even if you're not her "type" of she only sees you as a "friend"

Even if you've sent her a horribly embarrassing text

And even if she's dating someone else and acts like you don't even exist
However, be aware that, just because a girl has given you her number, told you to call her, or has even been out on a date with you, DOES NOT automatically mean you will ever see her again

When she handed you her number, she did not sign a social contract agreeing to go out with you.. It just mean she was interested or attracted enough at the moment to give it to you..

In fact, when a woman hands you her number, she secretly wants you to win..
She wants you to flirt with her and she's hoping you won't mess things up!

Just don't make the fatal mistake of thinking that once a woman gives you her number, it's game over: you win!

The game has just actually began! There's a window of opportunity that begins closing the minute she gives you her number

Yes she was interested or attracted enough to give it to you.. but time is ticking like sand running through the hour glass

Women EXPECT things to happen quick when there is chemistry.. They expect to get swept away!
so the long it takes to get her out, the more she starts thinking there must not be anything there.. She might even begin to backward rationalize and start finding reasons you're not worth meeting up with and she starts getting annoyed at even the slightest mistakes like

-sending texts that come on too strong or appear needy
-sending her lame, boring, just another average guy texts
- or trying to send her something witty  that she just doesn't get
This is when she seems to go from hot, to cold, very quickly, losing interest and fizzling out..

As the window is closing, all the time texting back and forth is murdering your chances

In fact, you have a limited number of texts before this window closes for good and you never get her out
If you're not sending her the right texts, you're just spinning your wheels, and some other guy will get her out and win her heart

This is all base on experience

Now, if you're like I was, then you have probably experienced one of the two common scenarios..

The first: the Cinderella Effect
- You meet a girl at a bar, or a party, and she's totally into you and seems like  atotal sweetheart THE NIGHT YOU MET.. Maybe you'd even start imagining a relationship with her.. Planning future dates in your mind.. Bragging about her to your friends..
But, when you try to contact her afterwards, she turns into something else..

Whether she turns mean, cold, disinterested or just non-responsive, she's displaying the "Cinderella Effect"

And it feels downright humiliating when she doesn't respond..

Pulling your phone out of your pocket every five minutes checking to see if you missed her message.. You can almost imagine her laughing about your text with her friends! and then it's like she disappears off the face of the earth.. And you can't figure out where you messed up or what went wrong!

And the weird thing is, this is actually almost better than the next scenario. because at least you can take a hint and move on

-Scenario two I call:
 “The Texting Goofball”
This is where you turn into a “one trick pony“ always trying “too hard” to make her laugh and entertain her…
You think you’re really getting somewhere… She seems to LOL at everything you write… Even sends YOU random texts asking how you are…
Then Days, Weeks, Months go by playing “Textual Grab-ass” with her… Until you finally realize you’re just her “Text Buddy”…
And she NEVER wants to actually meet up…

So the big question is, how do you go from getting a woman's phone number to getting her out on a date?

How do you go from getting a woman’s phone number to getting her out on a date?
How do you use your phone to turn her on?
How do you do that…
Without losing her interest to another guy…
Without the attraction fizzling out after a few boring texts…
And without accidentally texting your way into the friend zone…
And more importantly…
Once you’ve hung out with her…
How do you continue to amplify the attraction, leave her wanting more, and have her eagerly anticipating the next time she’ll  wrap her legs around you…
All by sending a few simple texts from your cell phone?

To answer those questions I need to reveal a few simple truths about “Chemistry and Attraction” no one has told you before…
And show you how to “Jump Start” the spark that takes a woman who’s , lukewarm, indifferent or even losing interest… and suddenly has her eager to spend time with you…

Remember how I told you the Window of Opportunity is quickly closing?
The reason the window of opportunity is closing is because the emotion she felt towards you is fading… and you’re losing her attention.

Critical Point #1:
Emotions =  Attention
Any time you create an emotional state in a woman… you momentarily have her attention.

And the Window opens back up…
It gets even better…
Emotions also act as an “Attraction Anchor”
And re-ignite the “original” attraction she felt… (even if it has already started to slip away…)
You ever have a song start playing on the radio and bring back a flood of emotions… and suddenly that song has every ounce of your attention?
Now If you’ve sent her an “emotional text”… then any time she pulls out her phone you can get the SAME EXACT REACTION…

When a woman decides that she wants to meet up for a date..
I can pretty much guarantee it was not some “logical” decision she made based on careful thinking…
It was an emotional reaction she had to the text you sent…
Your goal is to spark an emotion, get her attention and turn that attention into a meet up as quickly as possible.
So what are the three texts that she’s practically powerless against?
In order to capture a woman attention, and create a “mental monopoly” where she can’t stop herself from meeting up with you…
She needs to receive three specific text messages…

1.  First, you send her an “emotional” text that stops her dead in her tracks and captures her attention and as her anticipating what comes next…
This text shows her that you’re different and exciting, and gets her seeing you as an attractive, fun, charismatic guy, and draws out her FLIRTATIOUS SIDE setting the tone for all your future interactions…
2.  Next, you need to bond with her in a way that has her imagining spending time with you in the future… And feeling an  “emotional connection” that goes beyond a “casual” flirtation…
This text shows her that she’s NOT just some random number in your phone… it lets her know that you “get her” and has her associating these warm good feelings to you…
3.  And finally, you plant the idea of being with you in her mind, so that she begins to crave and imagine it…
This text shows her that you’re the type of guy who makes it happen…  has her desperate to spend time with you…  And easily transitions to a meet up.

It is NOT your ability to spend days texting her interesting things, or convincing her you're a good guy who really likes her.. BUT it's your ability to monopolize her attention, anchor a strong emotional connection and send out texts that act like magnets drawing her closer toward you

And because time is always a factor, you need to do all of this in just three texts.. Most guys would make the mistake of thinking the more texts I send, the more of her attention I'll get.. I used to make that mistake too.. Hoping to stay on her mind I'd continually texts her things like:
"How was your day?"
"What are you up to?"
"Hope you got home safe"
"Have fun tonight"
Not one of these texts creates any sort of emotion.. In fact, these texts would actually annoy her.. Keeping her attention is not about bombarding her phone with messages.. and it's also not about never texting her or following the "3 Day Rule" and waiting a specified amount of time before texting her again. As a result, your window of opportunity is closing and nothing will kill your chances faster than going M.I.A on her

Getting her attention is not about sending her a lot of texts.. Or following some stupid rules.. It's about sending her the RIGHT texts..

Here's what so great about the key lock sequence.. You can use it to
Quickly get a date with a girl you just met

Turn things around on a girl who is losing interest

Even spark things back up with a girl that got away
Because it can be adjusted for just any situation, and allows you to put girls on "texting auto-pilot".. This means never having to stand there like an idiot with your phone in your hand, with no clue on what to write.. You just sit back and let the sequence do the work.. By displaying this "Attractive Communication" it causes her to make a snap, shot judgment that you're a fun, cool guy and allows you to capitalize on this "attention" as quickly as possible and get her out while the pump is primed