Sunday, June 24, 2012


You're handsome. You're single. You have a great job. To your mom, aunts, and neighbors it makes no can a great guy like you still be single? They don't get it.

YOU have a simple explanation for it. Women don't like nice guys. Women like jerks. So as long as you're a nice guy, women are going to conveniently stick you in the "friend zone" within minutes of meeting you...and we all know there's no coming back once you're in the "friend zone..."

But is it because you're too nice?

Or is it because you don't respect yourself?

Male, doesn't matter. In fact, I've watched men pass over "nice girls" for women who treat them badly. Traditionally we've all believed that it falls into the "we always want what we can't have" category but really it goes deeper than that.

It all has to do with YOU respecting YOURSELF.

Somebody who respects himself shows it. He walks with confidence, and when he meets someone new he projects the image that he can take her or leave her. If she wants his company, great...if not, her loss. He'll just move on and find someone who will appreciate him.

Nothing could be sexier than that.

Self-respect. If you don't respect can you expect her to? If you consistently allow a woman to treat you badly, what will happen? she'll keep treating you badly. She'll walk all over you because you've already proven to her you're a doormat. Meanwhile, you'll stand around scratching your head, puzzling over why women always ignore nice guys.

Is it something you're sending out? Is it something you're doing, early on, that lets her know you have no self-respect? Maybe it's a little bit of both. Whatever the case, until you make the decision that you aren't going to be a doormat for women anymore...until you decide, once and for all, that you aren't going to settle for less than you deserve, you'll continue to attract people who walk all over you.

And yes...every bit of this advice applies to women too.