Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Good Old Days In Malacca...

Ahh...How I missed the good old days in malacca.. I still remember.. I was gonna join a closed DoTA tournament in MMU Malacca.. I was out of luck.. I couldn't find any teammate.. Fortunately, after I found out one of my classmates plays DoTA too and he was quite good at it, I decided to form a team.. A DoTA team.. And then, my search began.. I started contacting my old buddies in Bangi, asking whether they'd know anyone in MMU malacca who plays DoTA.. I managed to get 2 of them to join me.. Luckily, one of them said that his friend wanted to join too.. So, there I was, the leader of FF(F*cking Feeder not Final Fantasy), with Imran, Ikhwan, Amri and Ain.. The All Malay Team..

The first match we played, we managed to win by breaking their throne.. During the old days, the time is limited to 60 minutes per match.. Then, our streak goes on.. We won the next 2 games.. But then, the 4th match.. One of my teammates make me very pissed off.. We were supposed to have the match on Saturday, but everyone was not available.. So the marshall said that the game will be delayed until 8 pm on Sunday.. On Sunday, everyone was there, except for one.. Ain.. We've been calling him a few hours before, asking him to be ready for the match.. Then, 1 hour before the match, when I called him, he said he was in Mahkota Parade.. I asked him to hurry up and reach the Kopitiam Cybercafe before 8pm.. It was 15 minutes after 8 and he's still nowhere to be found.. Furthermore, he didn't pick up our calls.. So we decided to start the game without him.. Imagine our chances of winning with 4 vs 5.. We decided to pick his hero first and let it stay in base.. We were doing fine at first, until he arrived.. He was level 1, the enemy was level 3 or 4, I forgot.. He tried to farm but he got killed by the enemy.. He came back, managed to get level 2, and died again.. I was kinda pissed off at him.. Not only he was very irresponsible, but to die when u know the disadvantages when ur level is lower.. Damn! Fortunately, we managed to beat off the opponent.. We suceeded to go to the semis.. Yay!

The semis.. We met our toughest opponent yet.. 4OC.. They picked doom to counter my team's chen and tiny.. We couldn't fight back.. We were defenseless...

3rd and 4th placing.. Again, we had a 4v5 situation as one of my teammate's pc got disconnected and they won't allow us to use his hero.. I mean.. WTF, SILENCER CANNOT USE ULTI AND USE HIS MEKANSM?? Really fucked up marshall.. That game.. We lost.. Coz nothing can stop Sand King from Epicenter and Blink and Veno's Ulti.. *sigh*

Then, the name FF rises as the only all malay team in the top 4 of mmu melaka.. Then, soon after that, the 4 of us (excluding Ain), was invited to a gathering.. Forming a new team.. Sponsored by iRelax (iRx).. Back then, I was using iRx.FeeDeR.. I couldn't pick a better nick.. I didn't know what to use.. Even in FF I was using NooBFeeDeR.. Oh well.. It's just a name.. It's the rider that counts.. Haha.. I think that's all for now.. It's already 7.32 AM and i haven't had any sleep.. Gonna continue writing again tonite..