Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wow! Nice ending for a birthday celebration!

Today was my friend, Baharuddin @ Baha's birthday.. We went to McDonald's to celebrate it.. We had to pay for the food on our own and extra 2 ringgit for the renting b'day room fees.. At first we weren't allowed to use that room coz the manager said we have to book 1 week earlier.. We didn't know about that.. Well.. Luckily, after a few minutes waiting, the manager finally allowed us to use that room.. It was fun.. Haha

After we've done eating, we decided to continue the celebration near the PICC bridge.. We chat, took pictures, and chat somemore.. Then suddenly, we got a surprise visit from JAIS.. WOW!! lol! They asked where we came from, and asked us nicely to leave if we're not married.. Hahaha.. The celebration ended just like that.