Saturday, November 10, 2007


I still remember one of my teacher's saying.. Where there's a will, there's a way.. Back then, I was complaining of howI should be in the lower classes so that I can get within the top 3 of that class.. Fortunately, my teacher stopped me from doing so... It was then when she said this proverb.. Since then, I've been trying hard to compete with better students and strive for success.. I wouldn't know what would happened if I continued on changing classes.. Well, as a result, I became better and better at my studies.. Everytime I wanted to do something, I'll try to do my best at it.. Often did I think about quitting, but the phrase kept on repeating in my head..

The same goes for my gaming experience.. At first, I was very noob in dota.. I couldn't farm, couldn't deny, couldn't last hit, omg I can't even control my hero very well.. After years of playing online, training with my friends, I finally managed to become better at it..