Wednesday, February 13, 2008

S.A.D Party 2 Days Away

Date: 15th February 2008
Time: 8.00pm Onwards
Dress Code: Single men to come with TIES and Single Ladies to come with Bows
Theme For The Night: Single and Ready to Mingle
Venue: Retro Bar

Come if you're really ready to mingle. Guys come wit TIES to symbolize that you're available, and Ladies... do come wit a BOW on you... to symbolize that they're ready to mingle. Its going to be a party where singles will finally find their soul mates. If you think you've found someone interesting, then just exchange yer' BOWS and TIES... simple rite?

I never thought i'd be going to a club.. I've never been to a club before.. Can u imagine someone around 22 years old never been to a club.. Well I just hope I won't become William Hung there.. Hahaha.. Friday is gonna be something worth waiting for.. Woohooo!

Hmm.. What should I wear? Should I bring a friend along? Or a sibling who've been there? How should I dance? Move with the flow, I guess? I've read some articles about 1st time going to a club.. They mentioned bringing earplugs since the music will be loud.. Anyway, back to the questions, what if I saw a girl, a very interesting girl there, what should I do? What should I talk to her about? Arrrgghhh.. Too many questions.. And I have only 2 days to answer it.. Dang! ><