Monday, February 11, 2008

Think Happy Thoughts!

A few moments ago, I decided to call The Morning Crew @ 0395433311.. Their topic for the morning was being happy for the valentine's day.. At that moment, they were asking a woman whether a footrub will make her happy or not.. Then Junior gave Rudy a footrub.. The video is on website although i couldn't find it anywhere..

I told him i just broke up with my gf.. He asked when and how long were the relationship.. I said nearly 4 years and I broke up with her 2 weeks ago.. And he mentioned SAD party to me.. Singles Awareness Day.. Isn't it unfair that couples have their own day and singles don't? That's the reason of SAD party.. He told me he's gonna give me the 1st invite and VIP pass to me.. Wow.. Nice! Thx so much Hitz.Fm.. At least now I'm happy again =D