Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What Should I Do?...

Hmmm... I'm lost... A few days ago a girl asked me to be his temp bf.. I don't know whether i should accept it or not.. Well, besides it's a temp relationship, i mean, we're bf and gf when we go out together only.. Other times, we're friends.. No emotion attached.. Well, I did like her some time ago.. In her, I see some attributes i like and she's cute too! =)

On the other hand, there's a girl i've been trying to get close to.. I don't know whether I got a chance with her or not.. She's been replying to my sms, we talked, asked her what she'd like for v day, if she'd like to go out with me etc.. Some infos are being hidden for certain reasons hahaha

Well, I feel like I wanna take the risk to be the temp bf.. Like my ex in secondary school told me, "Puppy love can become true love if we worked on it".. I still remember her words.. And so... Back to the story.. I need to forget my ex.. I can't stop being emotional for the last few weeks.. *sigh*

Another thing that happened for the last few days was.. My recent ex called me.. The one that made me blogging again.. Asking me how i've been doing etc.. And after that, she sent me a message saying.. "If one day I want to return to u, will u accept me back? But i'm not sure when..." I'm really lost now.. I don't know what to do anymore.. Ppl keep telling me to forget her but I couldn't.. Yet!.. Only time will heal my pain.. I hope..