Saturday, February 16, 2008

An Unforgettable Question..

A friend asked me these questions a few days ago..
"What Do U Want From Ur Gf?" and "Which Kind Of Girl Do U Prefer?"

Well, basically, I don't mind how she looks like as long as she loves me with all her heart.. Short or tall doesn't make a difference.. Neither is thin or fat.. Even my last ex wasn't that skinny.. She's just a little bit like average for a girl her height.. Criterias.. Hmm.. Maybe I don't want her to be fatter than I am? I think that's all.. MAYBE.. And obviously I don't want one who tries to be my mom or my sis.. Haha.. What else eh.. I don't mind her being too outgoing or the type who always stays at home.. Basically, I don't care how she looks or what she do.. Haha..

Just like the song from BSB
I don't care who you are,
Where you're from,
Don't care what you did,
As long as you love me

Whoa.. Really reminds me of my childhood.. I was so damn into boy bands for their love songs haha.. I still remember walking in to my sis's room and listen to KRU songs every morning! Hahaha..

Anyway, back to the story.. What do I want from my gf.. Hmm... Obviously it wouldn't be sex.. I don't believe sex is the only solution for good long term relationship.. Maybe discussion is good.. I want her to open up to me for every problem she has and I'd help her in any way I can.. I would like my gf to be a bit talkative since I love to listen to stories and tell stories.. Lastly, I want her to love me with all her heart.. I think that's about it..

1 of the things I like to do for my relationship is I'd like to meet her family and let them know who's been dating their daughter.. I've been like this since my form5.. And unfortunately, only my last ex lets me to meet them.. Growing up, I always see ppl around me argues.. I've said to myself.. I don't wanna be angry.. I don't wanna have a bad temper.. There's always another way to tell her instead of getting angry at her.. Slow talk perhaps? Tolerating their mistake is the best solution for not getting angry.. However, I didn't know why I've been such an angry guy when I was with my ex.. *sigh* nvm.. Let's just forget about things that have been done and move on.. That's the best solution for breakups rite? Someone said to me.. "Mmg time will heal our pains, but it'll leave scars".. To me, I don't think it'll leave scars.. As long as u still hang on to the past, u will feel the pain from the so-called scars.. It doesn't matter what u did as long as u move on.. Look into the future for a change.. When I think about this, I know I shouldn't be hoping that my ex would return to me.. Let bygones be bygones.. Thx for the memories =D