Friday, April 4, 2008

Things Happened For A Reason?

I always wondered if things happened for a reason.. If the breakup didn't come, I wouldn't have lost 24 kgs over the last 3 months.. 117 to 93 within 3 months without everyday exercise.. I rarely jog, or play basketball.. And yet, I lost weight.. A mystery eh? Hmm...

Things That I Noticed After My Breakup...
1. You need to understand sadness before being happy in order to really appreciate it..
2. Enjoy life before getting married huhu..
3. If things don't go as you planned, you need to stay tough and handle it your best..
4. If ppl say "if it's destined to be, I will be ur wife" in other words "kalo ade jodoh..", is pratically bullshit.. How can she agree to get married to someone she don't like? When at that time, she already got someone else? Do you want to get married with someone you don't like?
5. Once you break up, you need to move on.. Hanging on means trouble to you and your ex including people around you..
6. Always listen to people who have experienced that situation.. Asking opinions from someone who don't know everything about your problem is stupidity..
7. Why should you your ex asks favors from you even though they are the who broke your heart? And why should you even accomplish them? She can't even do what I asked her.. So why should I do what she wants?
8. Yeah I know I'm practically a psycho when I'm heart-broken.. Emotionally disturb can be very hazardous!

Btw, do u believe in your horoscopes? My horoscope said that 28 march I will find someone special to me.. Yeah I did found her.. I thought she was meant for me.. Our relationship ended just within 2 weeks.. I kept on hurting her.. She reminded me too much of my ex.. I'm really sorry..

Anyway saturday morning, I have to wake up early.. I have a video recording session.. My friend wanted me to be one of the main characters.. Woot!.. From left, Me :D, the second one is Fendi, and the last one is Nami.. *Side Promotion: Fendi is single.. And so am I" Hahaha! They are some of the friends that I usually hang out with..