Monday, January 28, 2008

Tell Me Wat U Feel..

Wat do u feel IF..
1. ur gf went out with a friend (guy) who she feels as if her brother, after 12 to do some work and meet that guy's friend afterwards? She didn't even bother to tell u where she went with a guy lab partner even though she could've used that guy's hp to tell u? (in this case, u already informed ur gf that u want her to tell u wherever she goes)
2. ur gf defends her friends against u even though they're wrong?
3. ur gf skips class when it's raining becoz her friend asked her to even though she owns a car and she declines to skip when u ask her to just to go out with her? (the very same time and day only a few weeks later)

Feel free to leave a comment..


Shannon said...

One very nice word would be forget. Some people just doesn't understand how it feels to be hurt and they'd hurt others. She herself MIGHT have her own reasons why she doesn't wanna be with you anymore and in a way, don't blame her. I'm NOT siding her >_>

You should try to move on even though you can't now. I'm a girl so i did cry a bit, cursed a lot (XP) and complaint a million. So, move on. The best is ahead of you ^_^ like how i got daniel now~ Time WILL tell. Don't worry and don't force yourself to be happy but try. Take care aight ^_^

ared said...

1..klu die kate sbg bro n kuar tgh mlm..if she stay away from home i think that is normal...she never even bother to inform u where she'd been mayb becoz of she need her own time,coz to make her tell u wherever she goes is like mengongkong kot...or mayb she bengang ngan u that time(i dunno the sitch) comment
3..that 1 sorry to say that the girl agak bodo...sanggup buat ape je yg kawan srh buat...skip klas tu...hey come on la...kite dah dewasa la sudah masuk 20an tau..pikir sendiri la takkan nak ikut je sume kate2 kawan...kawn pn bukan nye bagus sangat...sebaya je kot ngan kite...doink~

ared said...

i read thru all ur posts...aku takleh nak nasihat byk la..cos u tak crite in detail all the its start,ape punca sume..aku takleh nak terus jump to conclusion...but from the way ur fren post the comment here(shannon)..i agree with her..klu boleh la kan...try to contact her..ajak jumpe and spit all out...ape yg u tak puas ati ke,u rase menyesal ke,then tanye die what is the thing that she doesnt like from u..etc...communication is important..klu dah takleh nak betulkan lagi then terpakse la move least u akan rase lega dgn keputusan die...walaupn berat utk terima at least u know what she felt n with reasoning...p/s:its better that i know the story from top to bottom in order to consult u...

XeNoGeArS said...

ok2.. aku cube tulis dlm next post