Friday, January 18, 2008

What Do U Think Of This??

When your friends have relationship problems, aren't u already involved since u're their friend? and yet, telling someone NOT to get involve, made him or her already involved in that problem.. thanks to my gf, one of her friends is considered an asshole to me.. before this, i got into an arguement with my gf.. AGAIN.. and then, she told her best friend not to get involve and don't help me with anything.. let me give u one situation... when u call ur spouse and she wouldn't answer or reply ur messages, what do u do?? i've asked a lot of ppl about this.. and most of them said contact her closest friend.. think bout it.. do u call her family which was far away from her? or do u call someone close to her who might know where her whereabouts are?


ared said...

im not very sure bout this case...usually in relationship there's a need to tell something to ur closest fren even when u gaduh ngan ur couple pn akan btau closest fren gak..but for the closest fren to go and kacau the relationship is totally wrong...the fren can only nasihat n give suggestion to the fren only not to the opposite side..
and ur situation Q..yes,we akan contact the closest fren to her..but in certain situation there will be that the girl is close with her sister..we can eventually contact her sister rite(sister = family oso wat)

XeNoGeArS said...

in my case, she's closer to her friends than her sister