Friday, January 25, 2008

Irresponsibles! *sigh*

Some ppl say they don't wanna get involved with my problems with my gf.. One thing for sure.. They don't know they've already involved in this long before they know it.. They've already involved in this when they became my gf's friends.. As a friend; a true friend, would help us solve this problem in order not to make my gf sad.. Well, I know that some of the probs are becoz of my hot temper, but then, u guys are making it worse by not helping.. Thus, making all the blames go to her.. Furthermore, when she said to u guys don't get involved, u were already involved with this...

Another thing that makes me pissed off is.. One of her close friend declines to give his phone number.. His reason? "Her mom doesn't even want my phone number.. Why should u?".. Wow! Nice reply.. Very 'matured'.. Anyway, her mom doesn't know u take out her daughter after midnight so stop whining about it.. Her mom doesn't even let me go out with her after midnight, so why should u go out with her when her mom doesn't even know about it? Like I said, stop whining to not get involved and do something for ur friend.. Ur lab partner.. Ur close friend.. She even told me u were like a brother to her.. Is it wrong to get the phone number of someone that close to my gf? Think about it..

When u encountered a problem, a bystander will just watch but a true friend will help


ared said...

dey macha...asal kene mintak no tepon kat laki...die takde kawan pompuan yg rapat ngan die ke...she really menjauhkan diri dari u izit sampai nak kene mintak no. tepon kawan die...hmmm...well, from the looking on ur post ni...u really have a lot of "GOOD" frens la sorang pn taknak tlg u

XeNoGeArS said...

masalahnya aku x bg no phone awek aku kat orang.. walaupun member aku sendiri.. ko dgn orga pun ade ke no phone awek aku? xde kan? even my best friend don't have my gf's number..