Friday, May 30, 2008


It's been a week since holiday started.. All I've been doing is just work, eat and sleep.. Heh..

A few moments ago, I was chatting with one of my school friends.. She mentioned that she just returned from UK and she had tons of fun over there.. The reason of the trip? Well, let's just say she's trying to clear her mind because of her recent breakup.. She reminded me of Shukie.. She went to Aussie for the same reason.. Did I mention that they both went there alone?

A vacation alone.. I've always wanted to go on a vacation.. No friends, no family and no ex-gfs around.. Heh.. I think I'm beginning to like the term ALONE.. Only then can I think about life and such..

Anyway, here's my workplace.. I've been making popcorns at night since day 3 I started working.. If u feel popcorns are sweeter than usual, then it's my masterpiece.. I've been using extra caramel on the popcorns that I make :)


dayana said...

yerp2 ade mkn juge pop corn yg manis. sedap sbb byk karamel. yummy~