Monday, May 5, 2008

Hospital Visit..

A few weeks ago, around midnight, one of my friends called me.. He informed me that one of his friends passed out.. I was with daniel at that time.. And then, we went to a nearby hospital.. The one holding her phone kept on asking "can u help?" without even telling which hospital is it.. There we were, at Putrajaya Hospital.. There were a bunch of feelings inside me.. I was nervous, restless, panicked, and worst of all, I was speechless.. Being at a hospital always reminded me of all those sad stories about incurable diseases.. Somehow, I wonder how will my friends and family reacted if they found out I passed out.. Hmm.. The question remains...

After a few moments waiting, we found out that she had already left the hospital and currently at her home.. So we head back to our hostel and then my friend took off on his bike and went to see her..

Seriously I don't know what to write.. Hahaha