Monday, May 26, 2008

I Still Don't Understand...

Yeah.. Sure.. I know that our relationship is already over.. I was just getting used to the term of being single.. However, she suddenly smsed me.. Saying sorry and stuff.. The way she said it.. It's like she regretted breaking up with me or sumthing like that.. When I asked whether she's thinking of getting back together, she said no..

Why did she bother saying sorry? It's been 4 months since we broke up.. 3 months I suffered like hell.. And now she's trying to make me suffer again? Argghh!!

A few hours ago, I arrived at my hostel room.. Quickly plugged in my pc and play some songs while I was packing some stuff.. Then, under my bed, I saw a very familiar box.. It was filled with all the stuff she gave me.. Some of our pics together, a CD full of love songs that she used to dedicate to me, and some birthday gifts.. Even my Razer DeathAdder was a gift from her.. Gifts are still gifts.. I will not throw away my gifts unless someone dispose of them for me...

Here's a few phrases I found over the net..

Behind every tragedy there is the promise of love in the same way as the promise of a new day is in the ending night.

· Life is worth living for a man only if the experience of some love waits for him. If not, he has no reason to live any further.

· If we counted up all the loves including those, which are deviant, into one only love, it would be love that would love every piece of human body and human soul.

· Love has the price for a man only in the moment when it is experiencing or when he is looking forward to experience it. If love passed away, there are but beautiful memories and pain left.

· I have heard a sad melody, the tones of which played about the real price of love that is often realized only after it is too late; that after the loss we have to vanishingly long for it's re-obtaining and the most just when it is nonreturnably away.

· There is no man that could recognize the entire love because it is recognized and understood only by those who are taking care of it all through the ages. With them you are allowed to talk about love much more than with any living human.