Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Movies and such...

*sigh*.. Why do idiots keep on complaining about things that are not true in movies? Doesn't matter if it's 300, or fitna.. If it's not true, why the hell should u bother?

for 300, do persians made the film? No.. Did the greeks? No.. It was americans who made the film.. Basically those who don't know everything about it.. So, we know it's not true, why should we bother?

Same as Fitna.. It wasn't made by a muslim.. As if they know anything in Islam.. The title has said it.. FITNAH which means false accusations.. Yet, stupidity overwhelms people and made them complain a lot about this..

Why can't they think? Well, luckily the offended didn't even think of creating a controversial movie to counter this one

I still remember, one of my old housemates in malacca decided to go free thinker.. All I can say to him was, Is this what you really wanted?.. If he thinks that's the best choice for himself, then he'll have to answer God 1 day.. Yet, people keep on cursing him, saying bad stuff about him.. Do we need to talk harshly? Even our prophet said "There shall be freedom to choose your own religion in an Islamic country".. The government aren't doing anything to those who decided to change religion or go free thinker, so why should you?