Saturday, May 10, 2008

Part Timing.. Heh

Fuuuhhh.. I had to cut my hair AGAIN since the chief manager told me that my hair was too long.. Oh well, at least now I don't have to bother about my hair when I wake up or after bath haha..

It's been 5 days since I worked at GSC Alamanda.. Now I understand what it means to be a customer service.. A customer's smile is the most important thing.. Even when they're angry, they're scolding you, you can never raise your voice at them! The customer is always right! No matter how fussy or strict one is about their food and beverages..

I still remember.. On Monday, I went for the part time interview.. I was there around 12.. Filled up the form, made some passport pics and photocopied my IC.. My first form was spoiled by an irresponsible worker at McDonald's.. The paperworks are folded NICELY and they're NOT on the tray.. When I return from washing my hand, everything on the table was gone (luckily I didn't put my phone there).. Damn! Why can't he differs important stuff and trash.. I photocopied my IC again, had to take another form, filled it up on the spot before passing it up.. It was 1.30pm.. The interview starts at 2pm.. Well, so there I was, waiting.. Walking in circles.. Kept on going back and forth to the toilet just to see how my shirt, pants and hair are doing..

I looked at my phone, the time was 2pm.. The time had arrived! I went to the counter and there were another 4 candidates.. Then, the chief manager, Mr Abbas, introduced himself and invited the 5 of us into the meeting room.. We went inside, and noticed there were only 5 chairs.. 1 for him and another 4 for us.. Since I was the only one who came alone, I decided to let them have the opportunity first.. So, there I was, walking around in circles again! Arghh..! When will my turn come?! I walk around getting nervous by every second..

20 minutes had passed.. I've decided to go to the arcade to kill some time.. Played time crisis 2 and another sniping game.. Hoho.. I could've won! But I ran out of cash.. Dang!

The time now is 3pm.. Still no sign of Mr Abbas.. To kill some time, I went to the K-Box and sang a few songs.. 3.20pm.. Went back to GSC and one of the senior workers spotted me and brought me to him.. Yes! Finally! It's about time! Well, firstly, he told me to introduce myself in English.. Then he asked me a few questions about customer service and the motto "The customer is always right".. For the last question, he asked me "What's the 5 main points of good customer service?".. Well, I can't spoil the answer to you guys.. You have to go for the interview to know the answer =D

When I stepped into that room, he was telling another 2 candidates "We'll contact you in 2 days time".. And so I thought, he'll contact me in 2 days time if I succeed.. At the end of the interview, he said, "We have no problem hiring you.. When can you start?".. Without hesitation, I answered that the next day would be nice.. Now, here I am, working for GSC Alamanda for rm3.50 per hour as a part timer =D

p/s: he also mentioned that I can get a staff pass for each week.. Meaning I'll get 2FREE movie ticket EVERY WEEK!! Yay!! More benefits please =D