Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just... A few words of wisdom... Diary of An Insomniac page 210

  • Today will NEVER come again.. Be a blessing.. Be a friend.. Encourage someone.. Take time to care.. Let your words heal, and not wound.. Coz today will never come again..
  • Live... Love... Laugh.. Do each everyday.. Smile and hug the people in your life, let them know you care and that you love them..
  • Everyday you wake up is a blessing.. Treat it like that.. Be thankful for all you have and enjoy the fact that you're here to have your problems..
  • MISTAKES makes me human. FAILURE makes me stronger. LOVE keeps me alive. But its YOU who keeps me smiling :)
  • Accept failure but do not accept not trying!
  • Never regret your past, only regret if you don't learn from it!
  • The moment you think of giving up, think of a reason why you held so long.. Do or die is an old saying.. Do it before you die is the new one..
  • If you're troubled today remember to breath slow, take one moment at a time, put the stereo on your favorite song, and sing as loud as you can!