Friday, August 13, 2010

A new chapter..

Hmm.. When I realize it.. I've been changing phones quite a lot over the last few years.. But most of the time, it's due to a "burial of memories"..

From Sony K770i

To a black Sony C510

To a Sony C702

To a white Sony C510.. (As of this moment, I started using 2 phones which is C702 and C510)

And now changed my Sony C702 into a Sony W995.. (Yes I've lost this phone once and I bought another one just like it...)

Should I or should I not?.. My C510.. has approximately 2000+ messages from her.. The memories we share.. I've always wanted to share everything, yes EVERYTHING, that happened to me with her.. Amongst all of my friends, even the ones who knew me for a loooonnggg time, she is the only one who knew about my deepest, darkest secret.. The changing point that occurred in my life.. And yes, I really miss texting her, annoys her, and most of importantly, I miss making her smile..

I really really wanted to make things right again between us.. But I can only do that if she wanted me to.. Until that time comes.................