Monday, August 9, 2010

Love and Books..

Love is like reading a book

Being in love is like reading a book.. Once you have made up your mind to start reading a book, you are deem to expect its conclusion.. You know for sure there is generally 2 possible conclusions.. Either it's a "Happily Ever After" and you feel worth reading it...or its a 'tragic disaster' that cause a lot of dissatisfaction.. Then you will begin to struggle through all the 'unanswerable' questions as to why, how, when, who, what and where?

You feel extremely disappointed and upset cause that's what you least expect.. You feel you've given in too much time (& hope) just to reach to the conclusion of the story, but it turns out of expectation.. By this time, these questions might wander in your mind..."Why is this happening to me? Why me?" But have you ever thought of this 'why', did you really get the answer to your question? Let me tell you.. Your questions were due to your 1st move.. which is.. decided to read that particular book.. That's why you shouldn't regret no matter what happen cause it was your decision..

A novel is like a living thing that has its life destined.. An author decides on the storyline of a book/novel.. As you flip to the 1st page, sooner or later you will reach the last page and the ending will be revealed.. Unless you quit reading when is half way through but you will never know the ending and if you wait for others to tell you, it will be too late and totally meaningless to you already.. As for love, once you decided to be with someone, you're bound to expect an ending, either a happy ending or a disaster that follow up by phobia, hatred, anger disappointment.. No matter what there shouldn't be any regret. Its all fated..

When you love someone, if he or she is happy, you will also be happy...
I really wonder...How many ppl actually can do that... Love is selfish... No matter how, there is definitely someone who is hurt... No matter how we avoid it.... Is there love that doesn't hurt anyone?? "If Love doesn't hurt, than it is not Love anymore.." Is this true???....