Friday, August 20, 2010

Just For You..

They always question why I'm in love with you..
They said, I can get someone better than you..

And every single time, I just smiled.. =)

Maybe you're not as pretty as other girls..

Sometimes you're harsh..

Sometimes your temper comes with no warning..

Sometimes I got a headache trying to tend to your attitude..

But nonetheless,

Even though you're not the prettiest, you never question my looks.. You said I'm the most charming guy in the world..

No matter how harsh you are, you still cry when watching Korean movies..

Yes sometimes your temper is unpredictable, but your cuddliness are still there

Even though you're stubborn at times, your love, only I can feel them..

For what reason do we tell the happiness we share?
Let them say what they want.. Ignore them..
I know the one I love better.. =)